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Jerome's Complete Lawn Care and Landscaping


Our Green lake landscaping and Lawn Service is a successful Green lake and lake puckaway grass cutting service which has been built on a foundation of satisfied customers. We get most of our new clients from referrals. We feel that a properly cut and manicured lawn is a beautiful sight and speaks louder than any billboard or advertisement.

A simple landscapers maintenance program may be just what is needed to ensure your landscaping in Green Lake will thrive year after year. The maintenance team from Jeromes landscaping contractors can perform weekly, bi-weekly, every three weeks or monthly scheduled maintenance so you can relax and enjoy the results. These services may include weeding, watering containers or landscapes, fertilization, deadheading and plant care.

Call Jerome at 920-229 3132 I can do it !



Jerome’s green lake all Season Lawn care and Landscaping did a fabulous job with our commercial property. The job was done very timely and within budget Steve M. Lake Puckaway Wi

Jerome responded very promptly to all our lawn maintenance and snow plowing needs. We could count on him to be there and do a clean job each time we needed snow plowing, landscaping and lawn mowing at our 7 summer homes (rental properties) Heather P. Green lake Wi

We were awed by the transformation of our property. He provided great landscaping and lawn care services per the code of city of Green Lake and helped keep our property in compliance. It helped us position our rental property as a beautiful resort like setting. Sue T. Lake Puckaway Wi

Out of all the Green lake lawn mowing services offered in the area, Jerome Jahnkes landscaping is the best. He shows up on time and is very fussy about his work. Lucile O.

Nicest landscaping contractor around and the price was better than good… great job Jerome. Ray B. Lake Puckaway


Looking for a Grass Cutting or Lawn Care Company in the Green lake Wi area to help get your lawn in shape following the hot, dry summer we have had in the green lake area?Do you have dried out grass, problems such as moss, weeds or disease? Unable to cope or keep up with the regular demands of grass cutting or simply have better things to do with your time?

Don't worry - contact us now to see how we can help -  call for a no obligation quote and friendly advice there's nothing to lose - we've FROZEN OUR PRICES at 2008 RATES for the rest of the year - sign up now and we will even keep these prices for 2010!

Our services include:

  • One off/regular grass cutting
  • Seasonal fertilizer application programs
  • Weed, moss and pest controls
  • Hard surface Moss, Algae, Mold cleaning
  • Aeration and Scarification operations
  • Mowing for larger overgrown areas
  • Lawn 'TLC' package - Total Lawn Care - cutting and feeding

Let us help you with quality, affordable services..

Using products often superior to those available to the general public and with prices starting from only 50.00 per treatment - why do it yourself?

Services we can provide for you

The condition of your lawn will dictate what frequency of fertilizer application, what weed control and other treatments may be necessary.

We will suggest various options & treatment programs to achieve the very best results.

In some cases we will perform a renovation program as an initial exercise to ensure that our treatments can reach the grass roots and achieve maximum results. This will normally consist of (depending on the time of year): aeration , scarification, top dressing, over-seeding, fertilizer , weed killer, and if required moss killer.

                         Call Jerome at 920-229 3132 I can do it !

After the re-establishment of your lawn we will then commence our annual program tailored to meet the needs of your lawn, maintain its health and beat those weeds. We will not apply a one treatment suits all approach, but ensure that your lawn is getting the treatment it needs and no more - overfeeding can create its own problems.

A typical annual phased program will take the form of the following treatments/operations and depends upon the condition of your lawn

- please remember though that we will always agree with you what actions we will perform before going ahead.

  • Treatment 1 - Late February to April - Spring feed/Weed/Moss controls
  • Treatment 2 - May to June - Summer feed/Weed spot control service
  • Treatment 3 - July to August - Summer feed/Weed spot control service
  • Treatment 4 - November to February - Winter feed/Moss controls

ask us about our Wetting agents and Turf Hardeners

Other services:

Aeration and/or scarification

 - Spring /summer and  Autumn where required

Mowing, and hedge trimming

- ask us for a quote for one off or regular maintenance program for your summer cabin or vacation property maintenance in green lake Wisconsin

Why not combine a regular cutting routine with a treatment program and benefit from a TOTAL LAWN CARE package? We can tailor this especially for you and your budget. We can also provide Flail mowing services for larger overgrown areas - contact us for details.

Hard surface cleaning

If you have MOSS , ALGAE or MOULD making your driveways, patio, decks paths ugly or even unsafe - don't worry we can help you.

We use a special treatment which is readily biodegradable, PH-neutral, contains no bleach or acids, and is fully HSE-approved.

This kills mould, algae and moss in typically 2-4 days, without the need for scrubbing or pressure washing, and has a slow cleaning action in the following weeks and months.

Patio and deck cleaning

Pressure washing patios and decks with a power washer

Notes regarding pressure washing:

·  Customers within area's suffering from hose pipe bans are normally permitted to use pressure washers for this purpose - however their use for watering the garden and cleaning cars may not be allowed.

·  On-site access to a free-issue water supply is required.

·  The majority of oil stains can be removed with the correct degreaser, however stains on concrete may require mechanical removal.

·  Color loss due to exposure to sunlight cannot be restored.

·  We will conduct a free trial if any doubt before proceeding on your deck cleaning service in green lake area

·  Some surfaces may need a return visit as they must be clean and dry if they are to be re-sanded.

·  The areas to be cleaned should be in good repair, clear with no debris - we will gladly perform this task for an extra charge if requested.


  • New Construction
  • Lawn installations in Green lake wi area
  • Design
  • Renovation of Existing Lawn & Landscapes
  • Concrete Installation
  • Concrete contractor for sidewalks
  • Concrete driveways new and removal
  • Cement side walks installed
  • Tree & Shrub Planting
  • Shrub removal in Green lake
  • Mulch
  • Patio's & Walkways install
  • Retaining Walls
  • Fences
    • o    Chain Link including Colored Vinyl
    • o    Temporary Construction Fence
    • o    Wood Fences installed
    • o    Vinyl Fences installations
    • o    Ornamental Steel & Aluminum Fences
  • Ponds
  • Fountains & Waterfalls
  • Maintenance services
    • o    Lawn Mowing contractors
    • o    Lawn maintenance services in Green lake
    • o    Weed Control
    • o    Lawn Winterization
  • Tree Services
    • o    24 Hour Emergency Service
    • o    Tree removal in green lake wi
    • o    Stump Removal
    • o    Stump Grinding
    • o    Large Tree Trimming and removal services
  • Winter Services
    • o    Fall Clean-up contractors
    • o    Snow Plowing in the green lake wi area
    • o    Salting                                                                             
    • o    Firewood for sale in green lake

Why choose us for your lawn care and grass cutting requirements?

As a local independent company, serving Green lake wi and the surrounding areas, we will never forget that your satisfaction and referrals are paramount to our continued success.

Call Jerome at 920-229 3132



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